Increase Blog Earning

How To Increase Blog Earning By Change Hosing:

Sounds ok? Let me explain to imagine how you can improve blog earning by changing your host. Suppose you have followed our guide or standard rules for a blog and open a blog and continue expanding. Gradually traffic will increase with your content or posts. In the previous post, we have discussed about the classification of hosts. Shared and managed hosting. Now look if you have a shop and in starting more customers not come, so you can manage the shop but in time customers will be more and you alone can not manage all customers. You need assistants.

Same as this when your site traffic will increase you need more bandwidth limit and space needed to your host, and also many other facilities will be needed. Shared hosting can not manage these requirements. So to grow your business and earn more you have to migrate from shared host to managed host for your WordPress blog. A managed host has so many facilities for a business like they provide 25k to 1 million traffic monthly free. A lot of premium themes for free. Light speed server etc.

Why Purchase WP engine Managed WordPress Host?


How Increase Earn:
Already I have told a few options to increase earning. Honesty is really the best policy. It is important that the platform is tested fairly and reviewed honestly. The points below are simply guidelines for shaping a review and tips on what to focus on.

Type of Review:
There are a number of ways to approach reviewing services such as hosting. Our recommendation is to produce one of the following review types. WP Engine review – Focuses specifically on WP Engine and allows the writer to go into more granular detail regarding the platform. Hosting comparison review – Multiple hosts compared. Typically with a more top-level review of each hosting provider included.

Purchase a plan:
In order to legitimately review the service, our recommendation is to purchase our startup plan to allow you to explore the platform and test it properly. Readers value genuine insight into how a service works and performs over top level descriptions and benefits. We have a 60-day money back guarantee so you can simply cancel and get a full refund when you’re finished with your review. Feel free to reach out for a discount or if you have any questions getting started.

Read Carefully For More:

How to get more blog readers

What is blog readers:

Blog readership is counted as people who are subscribed to your blog via the various channel. It could be Email updates, feeds, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, or any other way they are keeping an eye on your blog updates. These are those people, who liked your blog and willingly subscribed to your updates. For any blogger or webmaster, the real asset is the number of readers subscribed to your blog.Previusly we have discussed about how to get traffic o your blog.

Do you need more readers for your blog or blog contents? Of course yes! Suppose you have posted 40 posts and affiliate or other programs are running in your blog then you need must post readers. Who will read and love your posts and on publishing in aregular basis the returning visitors will be the readers.

Strategies To Get More Blog Readers
1. Use social media sites to grow subscribers
2. Connect with other bloggers
3. Use guest blogging as a Strategy
4. Make sure you have quality content on your blog
5. Invest money on blog design
6. Respond to everyone
7. Write about Hot topic in your niche
8. Integrate Subscription options for updates
9. Dedicated Subscription page

Use social media sites to grow subscribers:

Using social media like facebook,twitter, youtube etc. is one of the best method to increase your blog readers. Publish quality content and share on social media pages like facebook, engage them in to your blogposts and make them to become a subscriber of your blog. Try to build up a community rather than to try incraese likes. Try to find put bloggers and readers interested about your niche and make the community. Of course it will increse readers of your blog.

Connect with other bloggers:

Connections are everything in blogging. Blogging needs meaningful relationships, and a healthy network with other bloggers and influencers to succeed. The more relationships you have built up around your blog, the better your quality of readership will be. Once you have a thriving audience, everything else becomes super easy.You will get:

More sales
More profits
Better traffic
Better online visibility
Use other people’s blogs to connect with them. Try guest posting, blog commenting, and sending them emails about their posts to quickly build these great relationships.

Use guest blogging as a Strategy:

Using guest blogging is a good strategy to get more blog readers. Only quality and unique blogposts make followers for you. It will also increase quality backlinks for you. Don’t post mediocre content on your guest posts; always write high-quality posts. People will only follow you back to your blog when your posts are amazing, unique, and really, really good.

Quality content on your blog:

For more blog readers quality contents is most important. If also you have a lots of traffic they will not for longer if the posts are not qualityful and unique. Mean that you may find new visitors but will not get subscribers or readers in a short term returning visitors. Identify what problems your audience is having. This will help you write much better blog posts. Know what they want and build a network around them and what they need.

Invest on blog design:

First impressions are crucial in blogging.If you want to quickly grab other bloggers’ eyeballs, make your blog design look professional.Make sure your blog serves up a mobile-friendly theme, as smartphone users are increasing every day.

Try to use the recommend Genesis Theme as it has inbuilt schema markup & is fast.

Respond to everyone:

No matter how busy you are, always analyse the audience type, their likes and comments. And do not forget to respont to blog readers comments and publish posts according to your readers likes. If yo can reachers well enough about your audience type like age, country, bounce rate,session time on our blog and comments and publish new content on basis of analysis will be very helpful to convert traffic in to readers.

Write about Hot topic in your niche:

People always love to get some interesting info(s) , So browse the internet as much as you can and find a hot topic that is on-demand. After choosing the topic, write big detailed info about it and publish it.

Integrate Subscription options for updates:

There are many email subscription services on the Internet, which helps your reader to get the latest article of your blog directly to their Inbox.So have an email subscription box in your blog in right places [ keep it in a place where the people notice most ], and give an attractive description for your subscription box-like. It attracts the people and they’ll subscribe to your blog. This is one of the most effective ways to get more blog readers by converting those one time traffic into subscribers and regular readers.

Start A Blog or Website

How to start your own blog or website?

So, how to start a blog or website: Lets come to the main point, why do you start to make a blog? Of course earning purpose is prior and may be your hobby also. But the fact is that here I am to give you a proper guide line step by step, also i will share various way to make your aim successful. What is a blog and blogging? A blog is like a book where lots of article and contents like text, image and videos are stored. All of this contents is according to your choice or passion, like when you maintain a diary or take a selfie for image album. Now think if you can earn money from your passionate work or hobble? Great! No doubt. For this purpose you only need to know some technical issues of marketing and the rest will depend your passionate subject and how determine or enjoy you to do the job. Let us start as a beginner and imagine you do not know about this topic. Imagine if you write a good story book then a lots of copy will be sold and a lots of people will know you. A blog or website almost same like this, where lots of people will read your blog in the internet. If your content will interesting or unique or exceptional then more visitor will read your content and as much the traffic will gather it will be more profiting for you.

Steps to start blogging or website:

Here the key thing is the topic on which you will start blog .It is called the niche or title of blog, depends on key words, which i will explain later. So sound fair? Let us make the list of process we need- 1.A domain name(Search here) 2.Hosting place 3.Wordpress/CMS 4.Write your first blog post 5.Spread your post to the world 6.Monetization by ads 7.Traffic

Domain and Hosting:

OK,  the basic matter is this. Now whats domain name? A domain name is the name or identity unique to people of your blog. And hosting is a virtual place like server where your files of content like image, video etc are stored to serve people who browse with your domain name from anywhere in world. You have to first select a domain name similar with your niche or topic of blog. Like if you are witting about basketball game the domain name may be There are many company of domain and hosting provider from where you can buy domain and hosting. Regarding the all technical issues and other factors i recommended a good hosting is essential for perfect service like bluehost, a perfect web hosting solution for you. You can also use wp engine for best wordpress hosting. To check click below: wp engine There are also free services to start a blog but i do not recommend those free service in case of earning purpose. Here I am giving some of best domain and hosting company’s link to get the best performance. If you are not able to afford this cost then buy from here,Yarly cost  30 usd. for start. Purchase From here.
    • Step 1: Pick a Blog name & domain name for your blog
    • Picking the hosting to start the blog:
    • Set up your blog
    • Step 1: Select the Blogging Platform
    • Step 3: What your blog is about? (Niche)
    • Design of your blog
    • WordPress theme
    • WordPress plugins
    • Plan your content
    • Writing your first Blog post
    • Add important pages on your blog
    • Driving traffic to your Blog
    • Getting social
    • Now, Make money from blogging in easy steps
    • What Else you need to reach the next level of Blogging:

Set up the blog or website:

In this step I will describe about set up your blog or website after selecting a domain name and hosting place. Both for beginners and advance users wordpress is one of the best solution. Here is a most important fact is that you must need a responsive theme for google or other ads and for device optimization. You may check below one. So, how to set up  wordpress for your blog? After you have purchased a hosting where your all contents will be stored and served to visitors all time 24/7. The hosting providers will give you a username and password for login. After login you can access to your control or cpanel. In cpanel scroll down and you will find an option named wordpress and click on it and follow the installation wizard. It will take maximum 5 minutes to set up wordpress. Read: How to set up wordpress detail:

For detail watch the video:


Write your first blog post:

Now the moment has come to write a post about related on your niche/topic. So start writing a post from your own and remember that the content should be easy to read and s.e.o friendly(A wordpress plugin is needed called yoast) read for more about yoast to easily find out your content in the search engine, like – google,bing, yahoo etc.This step is very important because from here you are going to spread out your content or thinking to the whole world.

Monetize your blog or website:

 If you have done everything as mentioned above, you will start getting organic and traffic from social media sites. Now, here I’m sharing some of the selected posts to help you drive more traffic to your website. Do remember, targeted traffic makes more money.

Drive traffic:

When you have finished a blog post writing and publish it, and you need to learn s.e.o for drive traffic in your written posts or blog.There are mainly three types of s.e.o- -On page -Off page -Off site Read: Guideline for learning s.e.o Because traffic is the most important factor for your site, imagine that you have published a book but there is no buyer for your book.So you have to drive traffic from organic search result from google and others search engines, from social networking sites and from others methods ,you will learn from s.e.o guidelines.   Monetizations of blog or website by Ads: Monetizations of blog or website by Ads means in short description, when you have sufficient contents and traffics on your blog. You will find there are various ad platforms, which will provide ads to your site and your visitors will see the ads. In a result this will generate revenue for you. While that may not be possible but there are plenty of resources available. Join the group and forums related to blogging and put up your doubts, there are thousands of people out there to help you out.